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Frequently Asked Questions about Buying KLIQS.COM Domains


How Do I Submit an Offer for a Domain?

Via our domain marketplace —

Easy Domain Transfer

All our domains are registered at, for easy and fast push to your GoDaddy account: domain transfer can take less than 15 minutes!

Premium Domains

KLIQS.COM strives to find the best SEO and PPC domains: short, generic, dictionary keywords.

We know from experience how short and memorable domains are not only easy for customers to remember and find later, but also allow keyword-optimized natural organic SEO traffic!

Doing leadgen for business loans to small business owners? The keyword phrase "small business loans" commands up to $100+/click for Page One on Google. Why not use as a microsite? A great marketing tool! Perfect for organic traffic — or using in an AdWords PPC campaign!

Send Us Your Best Offers!

Memorable Domains

Domains are visual marketing. Our domains are short, memorable and pass the radio test. What do you think of when seeing or hearing


Use these keyword domains as fast marketing short-cuts to your main page. What do you expect when you click

Long-Tail Keyword Searches

Keyword domains are perfect investments for leveraging voice search. For example, owning a law firm could build microsites like or

Top Domains for Lead Generation!

KLIQS.COM is a full-service digital marketing agency that specializes in exclusive premium domains, internet lead generation, website development and application design.

KLIQS.COM was an early-adopter and investor in "new gTLDs" when they were first introduced in 2014, buying thousands of generic, keyword-rich domains that define markets and are easily understood by consumers.

Sometimes we allow our top domains, like, to be used for lead generation. If you are interested in our leadgen services, send us your contact info and your proposed budget via the email address listed on the domain name you wish to engage. Only monthly budgets of $50,000.00+ USD will be considered.

KLIQS.COM Domains: Top PPC/SEO KW Ready!

Keyword Research

Google keyword ranking: hot new keyword gTLD domains can help!

Adwords Keyword Tool

SEO and Keyword Optimization can bring your products to the top of search engine results.

Seo Company

We have done extensive keyword research: most clicks, most impressions. Domains to improve your Quality Scores!

Keyword Mobile Optimization

Short memorable domains are easier to type into mobile devices browsers and to speak into voice search applications.

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KLIQS.COM LLC has registered and is the owner of many domain names: many containing similar commonly used generic terms ("dictionary words"), purchased primarily for the purpose of SEO/LEAD GEN or RESALE.

KLIQS.COM WILL CLAIM IN ANY LEGAL ACTION that our domains involve commonly-used generic terms/elements, popular search keywords, and is consistent with their business of acquiring domain names (including common, dictionary terms) for the purpose of resale or lead generation.

KLIQS.COM WILL CLAIM IN ANY LEGAL ACTION that purchasing our domains WAS NOT DONE IN BAD FAITH and WILL CLAIM that the purchase of our domains is done in GOOD FAITH based on our business model.

KLIQS.COM WILL CLAIM IN ANY LEGAL ACTION that it has a legitimate right or interest to their domain names it purchased in the open-market, based on their business model.

KLIQS.COM WILL CLAIM IN ANY LEGAL ACTION that it is allowed to register and use their domain names, as NONE of their domain names were registered with the intention of taking advantage of any trademark owners.

KLIQS.COM WILL CLAIM IN ANY LEGAL ACTION that buying and holding their generic keyword domain names for sale or parking them to generate revenue as search sites is not unlawful.

NOTE: Previous legal decisions involving domain names based on generic, dictionary and commonly used elements/terms are CONSISTENTLY DENIED, protecting the rights of domain registrants to retain such domains.

Guidance for the general right to register domain names based on such generic or dictionary terms that may be identical or relate to protected marks comes from the WIPO decision in Zero Int'l Holding v. Beyonet Servs. (WIPO May 12, 2000), which found "Common words and descriptive terms are legitimately subject to registration as domain names on a 'first-come, first-served' basis."

KLIQS.COM purchased our domains in GOOD FAITH during the EARLY ACCESS or GENERAL AVAILABILITY phases; which was a first-come, first-served period of time, after the Sunrise period for trademark holders.

Examiners have ADVISED that holders of protected marks which are also commonly used, generic terms should ensure PROMPT registration of their desired domains, as their trademarks, ON THEIR OWN, will NOT suffice to succeed on claims against registrants of such domain names.

Attribute: Frank Schilling's North Sound Names Wins Another URS On Hello.Photo (The Domains, 8/10/2014)

NB: The mandatory first phase of every new TLD launch is a "Sunrise" period for trademark owners, during which time they can claim their domain. After that period, the domains enter an Early Access or Landrush phase, where anyone can buy the domains at a premium. In the last roll-out phase for gTLDs, General Availability, anyone can buy the domain at the regular registration price.

Update 5/3/2016: “Domain hacks” as the cause to file a UDRP complaint are consistently REJECTED by WIPO panelists. See At World Properties, LLC v. Whois Agent, WHOIS PRIVACY PROTECTION SERVICES, INC. / Whois Agent, PROFILE GROUP Case No. D2016-0440 and related Domain Name Wire article Two-letter domain name saved in UDRP.